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Name: Hollie
Age: 21 *cries*
Current Mood: Existential crisis
This blog is by no means formal or professional. If you want that, go here. I am finishing a degree and going out of my mind thinking about the future so let's not talk about it.
Tumblr is just whiny kids complaining about things they think they understand. Don't form your opinions based off them.

Currently Watching: Hannibal, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, The Mindy Project. My Review Blog.

photo personality meme :: answer the questions below by using the flickr search engine, choose a photo from the first 3 pages, post your results.

Name: Hollie

Favourite Food: chocolate

Celebrity Crush: Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbatch/Dianna Agron

Favourite Colour: purple

What I want to be when I’m older: writer

Dream Vacation: Disney World, FL.

Favourite Drink: apple & raspberry juice

What I love most in the world: the sky

Username: shakerrmakerr

[I’ve done this before but wanted to give it another go!]

o1.) a song you’d kick zombie ass to during the apocalypse o2.) a song you’ve heard live o3.) a song that reminds you of your favorite fictional character o4.) a song that was your middle school/high school anthem o5.) a song that reminds you of your best friend o6.) a song that would play in the movie trailer of your life o7.) a song that reminds you of somewhere o8.) a favorite song from last year o9.) a song with a color in the title 1o.) a song that would be your own country’s national anthem 11.) a song by an artist you’re not-so-secretly crushing on12.) a song that reminds you of your favorite season 13.) a song you play when you need to go on a crying jag14.) a song you’d like to kiss to 15.) a song with lyrics you’d like to tattoo on yourself (source)






*drools all over self*

I just wish he would stop making that shape with his hand because #mind palace.


Oh my

I may not have had a fantastic year, but along with my real life friends, the amazing people on this site have made me laugh, smile, and more addicted to the internet than ever before. if you want a beautiful dash, I suggest you follow as many people in my follow forever as possible. ^^

a-f: adastrapertardis,alicexz, amyyam, areyoutryingtoseduceme, bambistark, bartonesquebecausehiddles, benedicthiddlestonblackmoods, captaincrieff, casacastielcasifers, cruciothelightscumberqueen, diannaelise, dirigibleplumjamdocroeedoomslock, dramatis-echo, epistolica, experienceisaquality

g-l: gandlfs,gracehelbig, happilyeverafterdoesn’thappen, hawkblockedhaveaberrymerrychristmas, hobnobitsh-olms, iequalfantasy, inceptingtonystarkireneadlered, i-was-so-alone-and-i-lokid-you, i-was-so-alone-i-owe-you-so-much, johnhwatson-johnlockisrealkaetiegaard, lawyerupassholelaufeysoned, liamdryden

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Hope everyone has a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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